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"For the Lovers" Out Now

About the Debut EP 'For the Lovers'

Diya Maeve's Debut EP 'For the Lovers' will be out on 23rd June, 2023. The theme of the EP is something very universal, that everyone can relate to in their own ways - love. It explores love, and moreover, it focuses on those who are brave enough to love fiercely even after being broken; hence, the name “For the Lovers”. It conveys through its songs the complexities of love, and not just in the typical way. One will find themes of self-love too. When heard in order, the EP tells a story. The storyline takes the listener through the stages of one being in love, to getting heartbroken, but at the end - finding love, finding home, and learning to love themselves. 

About Diya Maeve

Diya Maeve is a singer - songwriter from Mumbai, India. At 14 years, she started writing songs, soon after which she also started uploading covers on YouTube. Born in a musical family, she started her training in Indian Classical music, and then gravitated towards western music after discovering her passion for songwriting. Her influences include artists like Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, Mitski, and Coldplay.

She tells stories through her one of a kind sound by combining intricate, heartfelt lyrics with entrancing melodies. Since 2021, she has been releasing standalone singles, and is now releasing her debut EP “For the Lovers”. She wants her songs to be what other artists’ songs have been to her - a warm hug of love and understanding.




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