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Me, You, & the Stars

Out Now!

About the new single 'Me, You, & the Stars'

It’s a song that started out on an acoustic guitar. The fully produced song still has acoustic guitar as it’s base, along with other  elements that make the song sound pop/country-pop.

The song is about the feeling of falling in love, and wanting simple things, along with a certain someone's warm embrace. The name of the song 'Me, You, & the Stars' is inspired by late night simple, funny, deep, meaningful, and also silly conversations under a sky full of stars. 

About Diya Maeve

Diya Maeve is a singer - songwriter from Mumbai, India. At 14 years, she started writing songs, soon after which she also started uploading covers on YouTube. Born in a musical family, she started her training in Indian Classical music, and then gravitated towards western music after discovering her passion for songwriting. Her influences include artists like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay along with indie pop singer songwriters.

She tells stories through her one of a kind sound by combining intricate, heartfelt lyrics with entrancing melodies. She wants her songs to be what other artists’ songs have been to her - a warm hug of love and understanding.




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